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Repair And Maintenance Services For Your Car’s Auto Air Conditioning near Silverdale WA

Is your Car's air conditioner blowing warm air or no air at all? Are you looking for a reliable Car Air Conditioner Technician? Dealing with A/C problems is not only frustrating, but it can be very uncomfortable.

When temperatures rise, especially during the summer months, there is nothing more refreshing than getting into a cool, air-conditioned vehicle. Over time, however, air conditioner fittings become loose, seals and hoses and O-rings wear out - and your refreshingly icy blast stops.

We perform many Car Air Conditioner services from inspection and regular maintenance to complete Auto Air Conditioning Repair.

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle's air conditioning system, you need to contact a qualified auto repair shop immediately. Our well-trained and experienced auto repair technicians can check your vehicle’s A/C system using our state of the art diagnostic equipment. Our certified technicians can diagnose the issue and provide cost-effective Auto Air Conditioning Repair solutions.

Here's what you can expect from our factory trained, Certified Auto Technicians:

Air Conditioning Performance Check

. Perform a leak test
. Perform a system control test
. Perform a system state of charge test
. Run a system performance test
. Visually inspect all air conditioning system components

Air Conditioner Recharge Services Too!

At our auto shop, if a problem is found, our experienced technicians can get your Car Air Conditioner system working as expected.

. Certified technicians
. No appointments necessary
. Industry-leading warranty
. Frequent special deals & offers

Only a reputable auto A/C service with qualified technicians can do the work properly, and ensure that your air conditioner works at peak efficiency.

We have a great reputation for quality Auto Air Conditioning service. So, if your air conditioner has developed problems and you would rather be cool than cooked, call us today!

We at theWrench, Ltd. is proudly serving all the vehicle owners in Silverdale, WA and other surrounding areas.